About us

European Cryogenics is independent private company founded by a team of experienced professionals who have been working in the development of cryogenic equipment for more than 10 years and in the field of rotary machines for almost 20 years. Our designers have collaborated on projects for leading research institutes, organizations for nuclear research, superconductivity research, but also for the world’s leading manufacturers of gas processing equipment.

European Cryogenics is able to offer in-house design and development of cryogenic turboexpanders, cryogenic compressors, cryogenic pumps and circulators including power units using dynamic gas bearing technology. All our devices are developed based on the requirements of individual customer applications – 100% customized so we can also redesign our products for ball bearings or magnetic bearings technology. The company has its own team for analysis of strength of materials, stress in materials, calculation and design of flow parts, analysis of insulation and provide field service.

For our customers, we are able to customize our product according to the customer’s requirements, but also design a prototype to verify the concept and, of course provide serial production.

Production is contracted by carefully selected, mostly local engineering companies, which are equipped with modern machine tools and use modern production technologies to ensure 100% production quality. Individual parts are manufactured by more than one manufacturer to ensure delivery reliability – short delivery time. Final assembly and setting is provided by our company.

All production is design to be used for processing of Air, Natural gas, Biogas, Argon, Neon, Nitrogen, Helium or Hydrogen and many others.

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